Guidelines to Beat the Tax Deadline

Tax day is not far-off off. If you haven’t filed or at least started your preparation, it's high time to bite the bullet and get down to business

It’s vital to cautiously consider your tax strategy to make sure you take benefit of the credits and tax deductions that work best for your situation.

The taxpayers need to take appropriate actions before July 15 to avoid last- minute rush and penalties from the IRS. IRS recommends the taxpayers to file taxes electronically. The IRS says that the electronic payment method is simple, safe and secure, and most people get their refund within 21 days of filing the taxes.

Here are some basic guidelines you should consider as you file.

Collect your necessitate documents:

Before you file your taxes, you need to collect all your necessary tax documents

Start Early to Prevent ID Theft and Faster Tax Returns:

By submitting the tax document early is the best way to protect against tax scams you can prevent potential identity theft. Don’t send your tax return documents to a tax preparer electronically unless it’s completely encrypted or is being submitted to the preparer through a secure portal. And if you are expecting a tax refund then you should file as early as possible

Choose Your Tax Preparer Wisely

Hiring a Certified public accountant to prepare your taxes or doing it on your own mostly depends on the complexity of your circumstances. If you have decided to hire a Certified public accountant or other Tax Filing Accountant to prepare your taxes, please do get referrals, and verify their credentials, and communicate with them and then hire.

Look at your overall financial health

Tax time is a bonus time to see the benefits of contributing to retirement savings accounts and other health savings accounts

We are there to help you:

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